My Ideal Castboard, You Ask?

Since a few tumblr people have brought up ideal cast boards, I thought I would share mine.

I have two versions: the first, an ideal night. Old favorites returning, my preferred performers in ‘their’ roles.

The second, a perfect storm—performers in roles they didn’t play (two exceptions where I hadn’t seen the performer/character combination). Had this ever happened, I would have required a time turner/my head would have exploded

Critique as you must…



Happy places (x)

I think this should be credited as being by Adam Wells…

Sorry, yes, I was trying to keep the post clean by putting the source as a link, but Adam Wells definitely deserves all of the credit and love. You can find out more about the artist and see more of his amazing work here


Quick Hecate fan art. Love that grimace-y smile. 


Quick Hecate fan art. Love that grimace-y smile. 

Happy places (x)

So I went to the library today to pick up a copy of Macbeth, because even though I am back in the city, I’m not letting myself go to the McKittrick until the 31st, which of course, is extremely difficult. So what better to do than re-read the play.

However, there were so many different versions, and it got me wondering… which specific text did Punchdrunk use in the creation of SNM? Any one know by chance?




And also. Ouch. I miss that place.

This is SO good

And so another summer comes to an end. Good bye, Green Mountains. You have been a wonderful refuge for the past two months <3

On to bigger and better things… 

Macbeth: Three Witches Representations I love


A city built on dreams.