Thoughts on Number Nine


More eye connections made. Waiting outside of the PA/Doctor 2:2 room, my eyes wandered to the floor. I had seen the head shots pasted all over the ground many times, but only now did I see that they all had their eyes cut out. Very eerie. Also, in the PA (Lucia Chocarro) 1:1, before handing me the clipboard to get my name and signature, she inspected my eyes closely… 

There was a wonderful moment with Andrea (Miranda Mac Letten) during the final orgy/ballroom scene. During the line dance, not only did she come directly at me and brush my face with her hand, but later on in the dance, she made eye contact with me, puffed out her cheeks, and exhaled as if to say “this again”. I laughed, visibly, I think, because she smiled back.

Badlands Jack (Sean Edwards) first loop was marvelous. The scene in the motel room was extra acrobatic and thrilling, as he came crashing down on the side table. I got chosen for the second 1:1, after he stared me down for a few seconds in front of his trailer and then stumbled towards me, causing me to awkwardly step back as I thought I was in his way. Having grabbed my arm, he brought me into his trailer and there he told me a story, his pocket knife running up and down my arm, around my throat—exhilarating. This one ended differently from a previous encounter I had had. Rather than ending with my confession, he told me that he needed a friend, but that I wasn’t allowed to stay with him in the dark. It was heartbreaking.

RIP Badlands.

What a strange destiny for one who gave her all yet took such joy in life’s simple pleasures.

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@Mateo_Oxley: Now officially Punchdrunk alumni. Couldn’t resist a cheeky #TheDrownedMan cover! Check it out. #chickhabit (x)

Loving this poster. This show is the only reason I wish I could stay in London for the summer. But also, it makes me really miss SNM…

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Uhm so… As an animator myself and only having recently gotten this 1:1 for the very first time (I’ve tried before!) last month …. The FIRST thing I thought afterwards was that I have to do this scene justice by making an animation of Fania as The Assistant to Ms. Grey’s amazing moves in this sequence… Wait too long and bam, the internet has already taken care of it. 

(though I may still make my own attempt at it!)

Please do make an animation! I would love to see it!

Badly Drawn Drowned Man Inspired GIF

Why yes, I do take requests


Okay…so…it’s Gloomy Monday…as I appear to be approaching competent with my trusty fountain pen, this tumblr doesn’t really deserve its name (well…a bit) however, I remain beautifully incompetent with a mouse and MS paint. So what scene from The Drowned Man would you like me to draw badly?

Dusty painting Miguel?

Requiem for a rogue


Mother’s eyes are sparkling diamonds,
Still the moon shows no light
This rose is withered, may God deliver
The rake at the gates of hell tonight

— The Pogues - The Rake at The Gates of Hell

Temple Studios is minus one tortured soul tonight, as Badlands Jack slouches off into the sunset with that distinctive drunken swagger.

I could wax lyrical about how much I loved the character, how Sean Edwards’ Badlands Jack resonated with me, a haunted loner, tortured by his past, isolated from those around him, knowing his fate was sealed a long time ago and unable to escape it. The bleak tragedy of his story ripped my heart out, and his harrowing final scenes were as raw and haunting as anything The Drowned Man had to offer. Temple Studios is immeasurably poorer without him.

But enough words. The most fitting tribute I can give is to raise a glass to him; I think it’s what he would have wanted.

Here’s to you, Jack.

Well said. I’m glad I got to share one last drink with him in his caravan. The town won’t be the same without his brooding presence.