Engaging video that may strike a familiar note or two with Sleep No More fans, assuming lack of masks and presence of words doesn’t throw you off.

The Day Shall Declare It is an immersive, site-responsive theater installation that “explores the concept of work, both what it means to us and what it does to us.” Developed by Annie Saunders and WILDERNESS, in collaboration with someone Sleep No More fans know well, choreographer Sophie Bortulussi (Punchdrunk, Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental, Martha Graham Dance Company), The Day Shall Declare It premiered in London early in 2014, and was tagged as “demanding, intelligent, and memorable theatre” by Time Out.

Los Angeles Performance Practice is producing the US premiere of this work, comprised of multiple narratives brought to life by three performers. Compiled from iconic pieces of American literature, drama and history, text is borrowed from Tennessee Williams and Studs Terkel interwoven with dynamic, visceral choreography which speaks to the subtext of each story.

If you’re interested in supporting the LA Performance Practice, click here

Not only did I see this production, I’m actually in this video! 

Not wearing a mask did throw me off at first, but the space was absolutely beautiful, the dancing was exquisite, and the text riveting, so I soon was able to forget my awkwardness and focus fully on the show. 

Definitely donate if you are able, and if you get the chance, go see it! 

Signs You’re Missing Sleep No More

• Going onto the ovation website and longingly staring at the open time slots

• Putting on “Is That All There Is” and doing sad jazz hands as you walk down the street

by Tim Burton




Treble clefs by (L to R) Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, Debussy, and Ravel.


all musicians across all time periods: “fuck how does that thing go”

Beethoven didn’t even try

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The apartment is finally starting to feel like home.

The touches of Punchdrunk help. (Shout out to chloefinore for the amazing print!) 

“I urge you to please notice when you are happy.”
— Kurt Vonnegut (via beatsandbrushes)

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